Professional Structural Engineering Consulting & Design Services, Architectural Engineering

Structural Engineering Consultants Offices in Encinitas, California and Corvallis, Oregon

Residential Structural Engineering

Cascade Design Group is an Oregon and California based structural design firm and structural engineering company providing structural engineering consulting for residential and light commercial construction.  We work with Architects, Designers, Commercial Builders, Developers, Home Builders, Inspectors and Home Owners.  We are a very experienced architectural engineering firm, specializing in wood frame residential and commercial, light steel, log structures and especially ICF concrete design and structure engineering.  We have engineers licensed in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California. 

Practical Residential & Light Commercial Structural Engineering Design ServicesCommercial Structural Engineering

What sets us apart from most engineering companies is that we strive to provide engineered plans that are economical and practical to build as well as simple and easy to understand.  

Structural Engineering Consulting Experience:

Affordable, Buildable, Submittable Plans

With more than 30 years of experience, and thousands of structures built, Cascade Design Group will provide you with the civil and structural advice, calculations and documentation you need, and the building inspectors require, for your new building or renovation project. Cascade Design Group's structural engineers work quickly, efficiently, and with the highest integrity, to give you  

  • creative designs that solve the problem
  • designs that are buildable
  • designs that are affordable
  • with submission ready plans
  • and support all the way thru building inspection
  • structural evaluation


Custom Structural Design Calculations and Plans, Architectural Engineering DrawingsStructural Engineering Services & Calculations

We provide separate engineered plans for lateral design requirements that can be submitted to the building department.  Lateral designs for most single family residential projects range from $500 to $1000. 

For vertical load calculations, we are able to provide efficient and quick structural calculations with software that has been developed by our company during the last 17 years called StruCalc. 

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Insulated Concrete Form Engineering and Design (ICF)

Cascade Design Group are specialists in the design of buildings using ICF (insulated concrete form) construction.  With over sixteen years experience, involving more than 300 projects, large and small, we are leaders in this field.  Our database of details for ICF projects can be easily modified for each new project, saving you time and money. 

Log Structure Engineering Design

Cascade's team has substantial experience in the design of log structures.

StruCalc Structural Design Calculation SoftwareStruCalc Structural Design Software

Cascade Design Group's team created and maintains the well known structural design software program, StruCalc.  This excellent, easy to use software enables architects, builders, inspectors and designers to rapidly and easily create submission ready plans. This software is sold nationally with over 5000 users, and was recently updated to include 2009 International Building Codes.  You can see information about this software on our website at